■Where are Eikaiwa Clubs held?
In the Tokyo Metropolitan Area and surrounding prefectures (Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama). For more information, please check the region’s own Club webpage. (In Japanese)

■When are Eikaiwa Clubs held?
Please refer to the website’s top page for the upcoming schedule. (In Japanese)

■How do I sign up?
In order to participate, please fill in the Application Form.

■ I don’t know how to get to the meeting hall/community center.
Please refer to the region’s own webpage for a map and directions.

■What should I bring?
Please bring with you note-taking material. A dictionary might also come in handy.

■Can I participate without filling in the Application Form?
Since there is a limit to the room’s capacity, please fill in the Application Form in order to participate.

■Can I attend alone?
Of course! Most participants come alone.

■I can’t speak a word of English, can I still come?
We have a table meant for True Beginners. All are welcome, regardless of ability!

■Can I come with a friend?
Yes. Simply make sure that you both filled in an Application Form.

■On what days is the Eikaiwa Club held?
The schedule is different for each location, so please refer to the top page schedule or the region’s own webpage.

■How much is it to participate?
It is 500 JPY per participant. There is no other or hidden fee. However, we do not have change, so please have the exact amount ready.

■When should I pay the participation fee?
The staff will pick up the payments at the participants’ tables towards the end of the session. Please prepare accordingly with your group.

■Are there free trials for first-time goers?
Since there is always a lot of new people, there is no free trial system in place.

■I don’t know my English level.
We don’t carry out level assessments, so this is up to your own judgement. If you have never been in contact with the English language, then please choose the table for “True Beginner”.

■ I forgot my note0taking material, can I borrow some?
We do not provide stationery, so please be careful to not forget yours.

■ Are foreigners allowed?
We would like foreigners to join in the near future, but in the meantime most participants are Japanese people wanting to practice English. We would very much like to have all sorts of nationalities join in the future. Then again, many Asians such as Chinese and Koreans do join the Club.

■ Are there any instructors?
There are usually no instructors, but as this is a study meeting the staff will provide instructions

■ At what time should I arrive?
Arriving 5 minutes ahead of the start time is recommended.

■ I have a 10000JPY bill, can you provide change?
We do not provide change so please prepare 500JPY in coin.

■忙しくていけるかわからないのですが申し込んでもいいですか? I’m busy so not 100% sure I can go, but can I sign up anyways?
申し訳ありませんが参加できることがはっきりしてから申し込みをお願いします。 Please be sure to be able to attend if you sign up.

■何歳くらいの方が参加されますか? How old are the participants?
20代、30代のOLさんや会社員、学生の方が中心に参加されてはいますが、10代から50代、60代、70代とさまざまな年齢の方が参加されています。Most participants are in their 20s and 30s. We do have participants ranging from teenagers to people in their 70s.

■参加者のレベルはどのくらいですか? What level are the participants?
まったくの初心者から帰国子女レベルの方までさまざまです。They range from true beginners to returnee.

■急に仕事になってしまっていけないんですが? What should I do if an unforeseen event prevents me from joining?
キャンセルのフォームから必ずご連絡ください。 また会場に電話もしないようにお願いします。Please use our Cancellation Form. Please be sure not to call the place where the meeting is scheduled, as they are only providing the space and not part of the organizing team. Please fill in the Cancellation Form even if it is after the event, as failure to notify us about your absence might result in inability to participate at a later date.

■申込フォームを開くと満席となっていて申し込みができないのですがどうすれば良いですか? When I open the form it says the room is booked to capacity and I can’t sign up. What should I do?
当日、前日の場合は申し訳ありませんがまた次回ご参加ください。If there is more than one day left before the meeting, please notify us through the Inquiry Form that you would like to sign up.

■一回参加すればしゃべれるようになりますか?Can I become good at speaking after participating once?
You won’t master speaking English with only one or two attempts. It is all dependent on consistent effort.

■道に迷ってしまいました I got lost.
地図を印刷してお持ちください。また交番などで聞いてください。Please print and bring the map with you. You can also ask the police officers at a nearby station.

■遅刻していったら半額になりますか?(こういう方が以前に居ました)If I am late, do I still have to pay the full fee?
なりません。みなさんに迷惑になりますので時間までにいらしてください。Yes. Late arrivals disturb others so please be on time.

■電話で問い合わせをしたいのですが?I would like to call for an inquiry.
電話のサポートは一切しておりません。We do not support phone calls. Please contact us through the Inquiry Form.

■会場に駐車場はありますか? Are there parking spots available?
すべての会場でありません、公共の交通機関でお越しください。Parking spots are not available at every location, so we recommend using public transportation.

■小さな子供を連れていきたいのですが大丈夫でしょうか? Can I bring my children along?
託児所はありませんし大人向けのプログラムとなります。こちらではご対応しかねます。As we have no playground available and cater to an adult audience, we cannot allow children to participate.

■小学生の子供にも一緒に習わせたいのですが大丈夫でしょうか? I want my grade schooler to come and learn with me, is that OK?
基本的に大人向けのプログラムとなっております。また他の参加者は大人の方ばかりなので子供の参加はお断りしております。As other participants are all adults, we unfortunately do not allow children to participate.

■私は50代の女性ですが、同じ年代の人は何名参加していますか? I am in my fifties, how many other participants are around my age?
英会話クラブは年齢の限定はありません。大人の方ならどなたでもご参加いただけます。またご自身の都合の良いときにご参加いただくシステムですので、毎回同じ方が来るというものでもありません。このため、今回は同じくらいの年齢や性別の方が大勢来ていても次回は少ない、またいらっしゃらないということもあり得ます。英会話を勉強するのに同じ年齢や性別である必要性はありませんので、お気軽に参加してみて、そういう方を見かけたらお声がけしてみてはいかがでしょうか?The Eikaiwa Club has no upwards age limit. Any adult can join. As people come according to their own schedule, the demographics of a given location change every time. There is no need to match in gender or age to learn English, so please sign up freely.

■申し込みをしましたが返信メールが届きません? I signed up, but there is no confirmation email.

Please check you spam folder. It is also possible that your email address was mistyped. If this is the case, please fill in the form again. Please click the following for troubleshooting:

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