(1)First, please check the Schedule by Location page from the top menu.
(2)Please select the day and location of the event you wish to attend.
(3)Once you’ve made up your mind, please access the Application Forms page.
(4)Please scroll down to the time and location you wish to attend and click to open the file.
(5)Once the form is open, please verify that the date and time is correct.
Please note that if all the places are taken there will be a notification instead of the form.
(6)Please fill in the form. In the case of an error, a red notification will appear at the top of the page.
(7)Upon verifying that the information is correct, press the send button.
(8)A confirmation mail will be sent to the email address you entered.
If you do not receive the mail, please check the spam folder. If it is still not there, chances are you mistyped your email address. In this case, please fill in the form again.
For further troubleshooting, please see: Email Troubleshooting
(9)On the day of the event please print and bring with you the map and the email.
(10)Once at the meeting location, please head towards the door with the homepage schedule printed out.
(11)Please say your name at the reception counter and let them help (having a printed map to show helps. Please also bring a piece of identification with yourself.
(12)The payment is gathered at the end by table. Please make sure to not leave your money laying around.
(13)The tables are separated by level. Please sit at the table level you signed up for.

>>Click here for the Application Forms